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Thursday, 22 February 2018
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The current Board of Directors is:

  • Enriquillo Ramos
  • Andres Dilonex and Fernando Fernandez
  • Eddy Alberto Ramirez
  • Julio Ramirez
  • Ponciano Batista
  • Carlos Florencio
  • Francia de Marte
  • Rogelina de Martínez

     Vice Presidents
     General Secretary    
     Spokes Person
     Spokes Person              
     Spokes person
     Spokes person
     Spokes person

Mr. Enriquillo Ramos has been Secretary of the Jarabacoa Golf Club since it was founded, with the exception of 2 years during which Mrs. Rogelina Garrido de Martinez held the position.


Past Presidents

Most of the Past Presidentes of the Jarabacoa Golf Club are active members and golfers.

Those members are:

  Marcos Martinez 1989-1990
  Fernando Sierra      1990-1991
  Fernando Fernandez      1991-1998
  Luis Vicente Garrido     1998-2000
  Julio Ramirez 2000-2004
  Bolivar Abreu 2004-2005
  Marcos Martinez 2005-2006
  Andres Dilonex 2006-2008
  Julio Ramirez   2008-current